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Technology makes smoking safe

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Cheap Cigarettes sale SMOKING IS a filthy habit. Not only does it clog a person’s lungs with tar, significantly raise the risk of emphysema and various cancers, expose the smoker to 4000 chemical substances, age the skin and yellow the teeth, it also smells awful and irritates non smokers with pungent smoke clouds which sting the eyes and cling to clothes and hair.Newport Cigarettes But technology could make unhealthy smoking a thing of the past. Meet Gamucci; the electronic cigarette. The product purports to look, feel and taste exactly like a regular cigarette does, but comes without the tobacco and tar. Marlboro CigarettesIt’s non flammable, non carcinogenic and doesn’t make the air unpleasantly smoky for others, yet still manages to provide the smoker with the nicotine hit they so badly crave.Cigarettes Cheap It can also be reused up to 20 times and never produces any ash to drop on the carpet. The Gamucci cigarette works by utilising micro electronic technology, made from water, propylene glycol, nicotine and tobacco scented flavouring. 555 Cigarettes The cigarette body itself is made up of a cartridge, an atomization chamber, a smart chip controller and built in lithium battery. Nicotine is heated and atomised inside the cartridge, which then produces a vapour which the smoker can inhale. Any smoke that the cigarette gives off is just condensation that evaporates within seconds.Camel Cigarettes Because the cigarette doesn’t put others at risk of second hand smoke inhalation, hardly smells and is non flammable, it’s also legal to “smoke” them anywhere, hence solving the problem of smoking bans in pubs and restaurants, not to mention on long flights.Cheap Cigarettes Online For smokers who just can’t or won’t go without, the Gamucci could end up being a cheap, safe and enjoyable way to smoke without all the disgusting side effects.Pall Mall Cigarettes

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