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Out of nowhere, my friend Robyn contracted pneumonia this week and ended up in hospital, gasping for breath and coughing her lungs up. It was a scary sight, seeing this dynamic, strong chick totally debilitated and struggling for oxygen. Marlboro Cigarettes Online "Anyone who's thinking about taking up smoking should get a little dose of pneumonia," the avid non-smoker said with a wheeze. Marlboro Cigarettes Sale "I can't believe anyone would voluntarily do this to their bodies by sucking on cigarettes." Marlboro Cigarettes I toyed with fags at about 16. It was glamour that got me in: the silky silver packaging and swirling royal blue font of the Stirling Special Mild brand. Newport Cigarettes wholesale RELATED COVERAGE Smoke debate fires up The Daily Telegraph, 28 May 2011 One-in-five believe in a safer cigarette Adelaide Now, 14 Apr 2011 War on smoking takes uglier shade Adelaide Now, 8 Apr 2011Cheap Newport Cigarettes Tobacco plain package design released Courier Mail, 7 Apr 2011 Tobacco fight turns ugly shade of green Perth Now, 7 Apr 2011 Most of my friends were into it too. My, how we thought we looked urbane and adult - maybe even old enough to buy drinks at the bar of the local Curramulka hotel. Newport Cigarettes The God of Fresh Air was kind to me though. The luscious look of the packaging wasn't quite matched by the trashy taste of the cancer sticks inside, so naive teenage flirting never developed into full-strength, ugly addiction. Cheap Cigarettes sale Others aren't so lucky. What starts with a few excited puffs turns into a lifetime of wretched reliance - not to mention cancer or emphysema or gangrene - for more than 2.8 million Australians. Cheap Cigarettes Online On that note, I wonder how many bosses of the multinational tobacco companies actually smoke. And I wonder whether they should be OBLIGED to smoke (heavily) in order to sell the products they peddle, given the World Health Organisation's claim that tobacco kills up to half the people who use it? Cigarettes Cheap But here we are, with those same bosses who are now threatening a High Court challenge against Australia's world-first plain cigarette packaging legislation that passed through the Senate on Thursday. The new laws, set to be rubber-stamped by the Lower House in the next couple of weeks, will come into effect in December next year and require all cigarettes to be sold in drab olive-green packets. Cigarette companies such as British American Tobacco Australia aren't pleased. For starters, they say the move is a waste of time and won't deter smokers.

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